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Clinique – Anti-blemish solutions powder makeup sand 10g


Clinique – Anti-blemish solutions powder makeup sand



Have you ever looked into the mirror in the middle of the day and noticed that your skin was shining?

Specially developed for a perfect look without pimples and without irritating the skin!

Clinique presents the Anti-Blemish Solutions Powder Makeup! A makeup line for the skin with excess of imperfections and sebum production!

  • A powder foundation that controls oiliness throughout the day while neutralizes the marks of pimples.
  • With a natural finish and without leaving the skin with an artificial aspect, the Anti-Blemish Solutions Powder Makeup has an ultra-light texture which results from a jet milling process, creating a powder with a particularly smooth, fine texture that merges impeccably into the skin, disguising the appearance of redness and acne marks.
  • Its water-resistant formula, moisture and perspiration does not create risks or dry skin, so you can use all day.


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