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Clarins – Water comfort one-step cleanser normal do dry skin 200ml





The Eau de Confort Nettoyante gently eliminates impurities and light make-up without foam effect!

Delete the impurities for good!

Obtained through the distillation of fruit,the essential water acquires all its soothing properties, providing additional comfort to the skin while remaining flexible, velvety and smooth!

All the pleasure and freshness of a wipe without water!
In one gesture, without water, your skin rebuilds if the happiness of a “feeling of water”.

  • Gently removes impurities and light make-up.
  • Neutralizes the effects of pollution and detoxifies (Moringa Extract).
  • Recreates on the skin, a beneficial climate balance and smoothness (Ispaghul extract, Provitamin B5).


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