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Clarins – Renew-plus body serum 200ml




The skin is the No.1 asset of seduction: is the first appeal to the look and to the touch.
To maintain its softness and prolong their youth, Clarins Serum formulated Corps Peau Neuve!

An innovative treatment for wrinkles on your body!

Developed from a unique complex: the pré-retinol fito-enabled.
This brings together the precursor of retinol (vitamin A) more effective plant extracts that optimize its renewal action.
This synergy explains the effectiveness of Serum Corps Peau Neuve!

Soft and toned skin to the touch
The pré-retinol promotes thev cell renewal to reactivate the natural elimination of dead cells, responsible for small roughness and the rough touch of certain areas of the body.

Skin smooth and luminous look
The white water lily milk ensures optimal hydration of the stratum corneum.
Christophine and anacardeiro extracts strengthen the balance of the hydrolipidic film and protect against aging.


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