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Bioderma – Photoderm m spf50 coloured facial sunscreen for skin with melasma 40ml





Skin with blemishes, melasma, pregnancy cloth?… If so, the ideal facial sunscreen for you has finally arrived! ♥

Through an unique filter system, Photoderm m spf50 provides maximum photoprotection, minimizing the risk of melasma and stains caused by solar exposure.

A natural coverage and protection, for which we were all anxiously awaiting!

A spf50 + formula that minimizes and attenuates existing stains and spots, evenens the complexion and provides natural coverage, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and of great tolerance, wich makes it also ideal for pregnant women to prevent and attenuate the uncomfortable “pregnancy cloth”.

This action is enhanced by an internal biological protection: a patent Cellular Bioprotection that protects the natural defense mechanisms of the skin, protects the cells and prevents premature skin aging.

Photoderm M contains glabridine, active tyrosinase inhibitor, key enzyme of melanogenesis in order to limit the production of cutaneous pigmentation.


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