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Bioderma – Matricium sterile medical devive for tissue regeneration 30 single doses





Matricium is a 100% formula Biomimetics, composed of elements naturally present in the skin.

Matricium creates a favorable environment for tissue regeneration by induction of regeneration of essential components of the DermIS: colagênio fibers, elastin and glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid. The cells recover their ability to multiply, the skin regains functionality characteristic of younger-looking skin.

The fibroblasts of 60 years are at the same level of collagen synthesis of fibroblasts of 20 years

The collagen produced is strong and flexible, not changed by phenomena of glycation.

Matricium?creates a favorable environment for increased cellular defenses of the skin, regulating oxidative stress.

Dermatological treatment in the form of individual doses in order to preserve the integrity of its components and its therapeutic efficacy.

Highly tolerable, is indicated as anti-aging treatment in even the most sensitive skins (with rosacea and couperose).



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