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BioActivo – Bio-cla forte 150caps




When dieting, not only the fat is lost, but also the muscle tissue is reduced.

This can become a problem when the person comes back later to a more caloric diet.

For a simple reason: the cells of muscles need more energy than fat cells, therefore burning more calories.

When it reduces the muscle tissue, the metabolism slows down.

So, when it increases the amount of food ingested, there is a tendency to gain weight, because we can’t metabolize as quickly what we eat.

This is why many people end up fatter, after finishing diets.

Bioactive CLA Forte helps to lose weight in the right way

Bioactive CLA Strong provides pure CLA, which has several important properties, including:

• Increase the flow of fat cells
• Maintain/build muscle mass (by increasing the metabolic rate)

In other words, the CLA helps to lose weight the right way, which means you lose fat and not muscle.


Also beneficial for people who are underweight:

Just as there are people who want to lose weight, there are also those who want to gain a few pounds.

Bioactive CLA Forte and Bioactive Cla Xtra are ideal to create muscle mass when you’re practicing physical exercise, for example with weights.

The CLA exists naturally in foods, especially in meat and dairy products, but its content of certain foods has been declining due to modern methods of processing.

To take a supplement is the only way of ingesting CLA in sufficient quantity to produce the results evaluated in scientific studies.


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