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B Braun – Linovera spray fatty acids 30ml




Linovera fatty acids spray is indicated for sensitive and fragile skin.

It acts by increasing the strength of the skin, protecting the risk zones. Is a solution of fatty acids used in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in grade I.

Due to the high percentage of linoleic acid, the restorative action is increased.

Improves the resistance of the skin and restores the capillary circulation.

The Aloe Vera and the Centella Asiatica, have an important protective and healing effect the skin; facilitates the restoration of the blood capillaries since it acts in the renewal of epithelial cycle.

Advantages of using Linovera:

  • Protects against external agents;
  • Helps renew the upper epidermis;
  • Stimulates the own natural collagen synthesis;
  • Have moisturizing effect and healing.


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