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Aquatic mint detox dry shampoo – Klorane


Klorane – Aquatic mint detox dry shampoo 150 ml 

Klorane – dry shampooing detox menthe aquatique



Klorane Dry Detox Water Mint shampoo is a light and refreshing dry shampoo that cleanses and purifies, without the need for water, your scalp and hair exposed to day-to-day pollution.

This dry shampoo with ice cube effect cleanses the hair in just 2 minutes, returning the feeling of freshness and lightness!

A city shampoo suitable for the urban lifestyle, with an invisible finish, is ideal for daytime retouches

Formulated in spray, this product consists of 95% of natural ingredients, including aquatic mint extract.

Eliminates impurities, dirt particles and odors, and is suitable for all types of hair.


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