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Apivita – Suncare anti-dark spot cream spf50 for normal to dry skin with color 50ml





Reduce the appearance of existing spots, and prevent the development of new ones!

The Suncare anti-wrinkle cream spf50 for normal to dry skin has a light color which is suitable for all skin tones, allowing to reduce the appearance of your sunscreen; and maximizing your results!

Water resistant protection and a high effectiveness, being able to unify your complexion!

The sea fennel extract allies to achillea, acting on the skin hyperpigmentation.

To ensure a superior protection, this formulation counts on the?unique 3D PRO-ALGAE® complex which combines Mediterranean microalgae extracts to propolis; protecting the three-dimensional structure from the skin in face of the Sun. In this way, your skin is protected from photoaging, increasing it’s?thickness, elasticity and moisturization.

Instead of containing water, this cream has an infusion of 3 organic sideritis species?from Mount Olympus; ensuring an antioxidant and moisturizing action, and being able to minimize the negative effects of sun radiation.

With hyaluronic acid, honey?and panthenol; to ensure immediate and long-lasting moisturization, so that your skin becomes smoother and brighter immediately.

77% ingredients of natural origin.


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