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A Derma – Epitheliale a.h duo for damaged skin 100ml





Need to recover and regenerate the fragile and damaged skin?
Épithéliale Duo

The right care to provide an accelerated repair and healing without marks in children and adults:

➛ Superficial skin changes
➛ Marks of chickenpox scar, excoriated acne
➛ Sun strikes, minor burns, post-waxing, blisters, insect bites, dermatological post-act in adult
➛ Invasive: ablative fractional laser, laser pigment, tattoo removal, surgery, suture, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, deep peel, dermabrasion
➛ Surface: superficial peel (TCA, glycolic …), injections (fill, mesotherapy, roller …), IPL
➛ Non-invasive lasers (fractional non-ablative, vascular …)

The 1st healing care with double efficacy
The healing care of the future!

A care with a comfortable texture, dry touch and fragrance free, composed of:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Plantules extract Oats Rhealba
  • Dipeptide L-ALA-L-GLU (Effectiveness recognized systemically, reviving the metabolism in severe fatigue situations) SPORTS and Postoperative

94% Effectiveness ANTI-MARKS in 15 days *

*% Satisfaction after 15 days of use.
Single center study conducted in 26 adults and 25 children in statements that could leave marks.


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