“For a greener tomorrow”

This is the slogan from O’Right. The brand was founded by Steven Ko in Thailand in the year 2002, and he aimed to create beauty products which wouldn’t cause him allergies. The “O” symbolizes the planet Earth, and the name O’Right ‘ is a symbol of sustainability. In 2006, the goal became more ambitious: making the O’Right a greener brand, with the mission to make the Earth a better place.

Among several measures adopted, O’Right has reduced carbon emissions, adopted certified organic ingredients, and performs it’s prints in soy ink. This way, the brand already has numerous awards and certifications that make it a unique example.

Tree in a bottle

That’s just it!

O’Right has a packaging produced from biodegradable materials, and some of their shampoo’s contain Holly seeds placed on the bottle’s bottom; which can be planted on as soon as it’s empty, giving rise to a tree!

Do you know which O’Right products are the best for you? We’ll give you a help!

Oily hair


If the sebum production from your scalp is unregulated, this brand has several solutions for you!

Ice shampoo has the centella asiatica and mint extracts, being able to calm the irritated scalp, refreshing and reinvigorating the hair fiber. You’ll love using it after the gym, or in your morning shower.

If you’re suffering from dandruff, the answer is Tea Tree shampoo! This product contains tea tree oil, with antimicrobial action; and which relieves the discomfort from your scalp, preventing the odor development.

If your only goal is to control the daily oiliness, Camellia shampoo is the ideal option for you. It’s seborregulating formulation and the certified organic surfactants are transversal to the entire brand; allowing you to keep the scalp clean and your hair hydrated.

Dyed hair


Because even dyed, not all hairs are alike!

The Golden Rose range has this gentle cleansing shampoo and color protection; thus being able to help repair the split ends and provide an antioxidant action.

If your color-treated hair is specially damaged, Purple Rose is a particularly moisturizing and delicate shampoo; allowing to preserve your color.

To repair the hair cuticles, O’Right also developed the Ginkgo cream rinse; which nourishes each strand thus keeping it’s integrity.

Sensitive scalp

Extra-delicate products which can be used by the whole family!

The Dandelion shampoo contains chamomile and organic rice extracts, which have a soothing, moisturizing and seborregulating action. This formula does not cause tears, being ideal for children.

For busy days, in which the hair is slightly oily; the Centelladry shampoo will be your great ally! It’s formula with delicate and soothing action allows you to keep your scalp clean, loose and bulky.

Hairloss and hair thinning

Gogi Berry is suitable for fine and weakened hair, creating an elastifying complex which is capable of providing more strength to hair fiber. The shampoo still allows you to minimize scalp greasines, providing you more volume.

Recoffee shampoo is ideal to start your day with a good coffee! The range is ideal for all hair types and scalp with hairloss, thus stimulating it and and repairing the ends. In addition, the Recoffee bottles consist of coffee grains and oil, being especially appealing and naturally biodegradable.

To stimulate and promote a stronger hair growth, O’Right also developed a tonic rich in vegetable oils, caffeine and ginger; which acts simultaneously on hair folicules and prevents bacterial development on the scalp. A real luxury, for a denser and more resistant hair!

Dry or damaged hair

With organic Bamboo extract, O’Right created this moisturizing and restorative range which is able to clean, smooth, and give more shine to dry, damaged or coarse hair. Combine your shampoo and conditioner to get disciplined and incredibly soft hair!

The Premier rose hip oil is suitable for dry, dyed, frizzed or sensitized hair! It’s tformulation contains rosehip Oil, and a restorative formulation which is able to minimize simultaneously split ends, fading, and roughness.

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